In addition to all installations and units, InFa Techniek also offers aerators and mixers.

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Stagnant water is detrimental to the oxygen level and accelerates the growth of algae and bacteria.

By keeping the water moving and enriching it with oxygen, future problems are prevented. The supply of clean water with a lot of oxygen will make the crop more vital and stronger. The crop also shows this through faster and stronger root growth. Moreover, this prevents the formation of nitrite.

Enriching rainwater, spring water, and/or drain water with oxygen is custom work for every company.

We can offer different systems for this:

• Aqua O2 Optimum

This is a silo aeration system using a circulation pump. The circulation pump ensures intensive circulation in the silo, introducing a maximum amount of oxygen. With this system, there is no warming of the water. This system is often combined with pH control in spring water silos in the presence of high bicarbonate levels.

• Agrona OxyBull

The OxyBull is an advanced aeration system that uses microbubble technology. Microbubbles are slightly larger than nanobubbles. These ensure movement in the water storage. These movements effectively combat the growth of organic contamination and algae. Moreover, the water is enriched with oxygen.

• Agrona Nanobubble Generator

The Nanobubble system is an innovative gas injection technology. The ‘gas’ in this case is oxygen. By shooting billions of oxygen bubbles into the water, a water supply of clean water with an oxygen content of 100% is increased by 15-20 ppm (parts per million). As a result, the system achieves an oxygen content of 30 ppm.

Because the bubbles are so small, they remain suspended in the water, even during transport to the crop through the pipes. So, you can actually see it as a storage of oxygen IN the water. This allows you, as a grower, to achieve very good results. The oxygen supports plant growth, reduces stress, and prevents indirect diseases. Nanobubbles have neutral buoyancy and can therefore be retained in water for weeks without rising to the surface. Even in warmer water, the bubbles remain largely intact.

Doordat de bubbeltjes zo klein zijn blijven ze zweven in het water, ook tijdens het transport naar het gewas door de leidingen.
U kunt het dus eigenlijk zien als een opslag van zuurstof ín het water. Hierdoor bereikt u als teler hele mooie resultaten. De zuurstof zorgt namelijk voor een betere plantengroei door plantontwikkeling te ondersteunen, stress te verminderen en indirecte ziektes te voorkomen. Nanobubbels hebben een neutraal drijfvermogen en kunnen daardoor wekenlang behouden blijven in water zonder naar de oppervlakte te stijgen. Zelfs in warmer water blijven de bubbels grotendeels behouden.

Features of the aerators:


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Manure Tank Mixers

Manure Tank Mixers

InFa Techniek offers two types of manure tank mixers:

• A static mixer

Static mixers work like immersion blenders. They pull the liquid from top to bottom and let the liquid circulate over the bottom. Along the wall of the tank, the liquid goes back up. This mixer is especially suitable for mixing the liquid in tall tanks homogeneously without a support bearing at the bottom of the tank.

• A right-angle mixer

A right-angle mixer is a typical mixer used to dissolve solid fertilizers in large A/B manure tanks. These A/B manure tanks are usually tanks with a large diameter and a low height. Unlike the static mixer, the right-angle mixer requires a lot of force because the mixing blade in the manure tank rotates slowly and can still encounter the solid fertilizers that have been shaken into the tank.

Both mixers are made of stainless steel and are equipped with energy-efficient motors (for example, the static mixer has a power consumption of 50 watts per hour).


If you want to know more about the possibilities for your company, we would love to hear from you.