Misting System



InFa Techniek has been supplying high-pressure misting systems since 2007.

Over the years, these high-pressure misting systems have been further refined and are now used worldwide to improve the climate around plants. By lowering the greenhouse temperature and increasing the humidity, plants experience less stress, which positively impacts the quality and production of the crop.

InFa Techniek has gained extensive experience over the years, enabling us to build very reliable misting installations. These installations operate at pressures ranging from 80 to 140 bar, under harsh conditions, and with very intensive use. The pump units, which are used very intensively under these conditions, have proven their durability over extended periods.

To achieve a consistent and stable output from the nozzle, we were the first company to develop a ceramic plate for the nozzle. As a result, our nozzle is less susceptible to wear and contamination.

The high-pressure pump units operate at a maximum speed of 700 RPM, resulting in minimal noise production and wear of the components. This is reflected in the long lifespan of the installations.

Our high-pressure pump units are modularly designed, allowing us to provide misting systems for both small and very large glass surfaces.


Features of the misting system:

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