Machine & Panel Technician

Eric – Monteur machines & panelen

InFa Techniek veteran” – that’s my second name. I have been involved withInFa Techniek  from the beginning. Together with my colleagues, I am responsible for the assembly of machines and panels. Due to my extensive experience, I have been closely involved in all developments and am familiar with all the details of the systems we work with at InFa Techniek . Recently, the InFa Techniek  building underwent a renovation, and the company continues to commit to growth, both as a team and as an organization.

I will retire in a few years, but until then, I will continue to dedicate myself to InFa Techniek. I see every day as a new opportunity and find it important to approach my work with enthusiasm. In addition to my assembly work, I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience with my colleagues, especially since I will be retiring soon.

I look at the recent developments within InFa Techniek with great positivity and am curious about what the future will bring.”


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